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OSHA Recordkeeping Solutions

Creating partnerships that develop a safer and more productve workplace

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  • Interactive Safety Websites
  • Data Collection / Reporting
  • Contractor Safety Mgmt. Programs
  • Publications / Training / Apps
  • Supplemental & Support Services

Since 1986, Intec has developed products and provided services that address workplace safety and OSHA compliance.

Our clients have included prestigious organizations like NASA, the Edison Electric Institute and the Pennsylvania State Workers Insurance Fund.

  • Natl. Electrical Contractors Assn
  • BMW of North America
  • Finishing Industry Alliance
  • Amer. Road and Trans Builders
  • Sheet Metal and A/C Contractors

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We specialize in developing programs for trade organizations, insurance groups and multi-site employers.
We have programs to serve clients at the national, regional and local level.


Safety Manuals

eSafetyLine Website

Register to access the eSafetyLine website.  This site features four new safety talks each month on a different OSHA inspired topic.  You may also register for webinars and participate in our discussion lists.  Many eSafetyLine sites have been established to serve specific industries.
Our contractor prequalification service assists contractors in developing, uploading and editing the safety programs and policies required by assessment services like ISN, BROWZ, and Avetta.  Participants are provided with their digital, custom, branded safety manual.

We provide a single point of contact to work with you in developing your custom digital safety manual.  Participating contractors will also be provided with access to a searchable online database.
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